[VIDEO] Did Diddy Really Say He & Usher “Slept Together?”

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Has anyone heard the rumors about Diddy and Usher being a little too friendly, back when Usher first started, as Diddy’s protege’?

Usher Diddy Pause

Straight From The A

Welp, those rumors never went anywhere. However, there is a video that is from a few years back floating across the web with Diddy saying that he and Usher did sleep together (no pun intended). You really have to watch it because the way he tries to recover from that statement, and the look that Kevin Hart gives him is everything…LOL. Maybe people are reading more into it…

“Ya know what I’m saying, this is my brother for real. We used to actually wrestle off of the, off of the, Frosted Flakes. 

Because he used to always get up earlier than me, and now he’s one of the richest stars in the world – and I love him.”

Getchu a piece-press play


Diddy just hush and keep dancing on stage!


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