[PHOTO] Does Karrueche Tran Have a New Man?

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Has she moved on?

It’s being reported that Karrueche Tran has a new boo and boy does he look like Breezy.

According to Hip Hop Gossip Site, The new boyfriend (who’s name I haven’t obtained yet) is the same man that Karrueche went to “Greystone” with this past weekend that made Chris Brown and Rihanna get up and leave because they were in the vicinity. And although I’m sure there was no beef between the two couples, I just think it was a mature move on Chris and Rihanna’s part to not even attempt to possibly have an altercation go down at the club. Remember what happened last time at the club?

Not sure yet, but we will definitely keep you updated on this. Dude looks like Breezy’s long lost brother or somebody...

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