Rashida Ali Of L&HH NY Is Engaged

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At the reunion show of this season of VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop,' Rashidah Ali revealed she's getting married.

Rashida Ali of L&HH NY has confirmed that she is engaged. While attending the reunion of season 3 L&HH NY, she announced that she would definitely walking down the aisle. But the identity of her man will remain a mystery.

According to Examiner:

So far, Rashidah has decided to keep her relationship out of the public eye and has proclaimed she will not post images of her future husband on any type of social media, reports Gossip We Love.

According to the website, Rashidah has stated, “…You won’t see photos of him all over my Instagram. I’ll NEVER screen shot our messages. No overly gushy tweets when were happy and no emotional ones when were mad.”

She added, “I don’t care if they NEVER see him or know his name, but understand when you do see him… that’s ME! Happy G-day Baby and Thank You!”


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