Preachers of LA Review-Bishop Noel Jones & His ‘Friend’ Loretta

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Should we as women demand more from men? This week’s episode of Preachers of LA started off where last week’s episode ended. Instead of pushing the relationship controversy to the backburner, it was turned up a notch. However, Deitrick Haddon and Dominic weren’t the center of attention. It was Bishop Noel Jones and his “friend” Loretta.

Bishop Noel Jones is the senior pastor of City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California. Before POLA aired, he held influence of over 17,000 people on his church grounds. Now he is reaching the lives a millions with POLA.

According to Jones, his dedication has always been with his job. He was married for 22 years, but it failed due to him wanting to work more than take care of his home. After getting divorced, he embraced the single life full-heartedly and cannot see himself ever taking that journey again. Jones does have a woman by his side though and that is Loretta. They’ve been together for 16 years and own a restaurant together. However, their relationship is undefined.

“You have your life, I have my life, and we have a life together.”—Bishop Noel Jones

Just in case you didn’t know, undefined is when two people get together and do everything that a relationship requires. They go on dates, cook for each other, stroke each other’s egos, and sometimes even engage in sex. I hate to assume the Bishop and Loretta are getting their groove on, so we’ll stay away from that. However, these two are acting like a couple but avoiding putting a label on what they are doing. Then again it could be the Bishop.

During the last episode of POLA, Loretta sat down with Noel to talk about going to the first ladies tea party. Since they are not married, it is an odd situation for her to place herself in. His simple words were for her to only answer what she wants and tell the women to mind their business if they dig too far. She in turn shook her head and followed instructions.

Do you get the vibe that Loretta is happy just being a friend? Should she speak up and demand a relationship title? One thing I’ve learned is you can’t force a man to be your man if he is not ready. It’s also probably not wise to settle for just being friends if you know in your heart that you want more out of him.



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